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Grassroots Soccer Award (GSA)

Grassroots Soccer Award (GSA) is one of prestigious and glamorous event by the SEKOLAH BOLA as part of our recognition and appreciation program for young players who are not only performing well throughout the year, but showing a great leadership, performance, team spirit and most importantly learning while having fun.

These Award Ceremony mainly to celebrate the efforts of young players and to also show appreciation towards family member who are supporting the SEKOLAH BOLA ever since its existence. We have been monitoring performance, improvement and development of players through series of review and evaluation from the day one they joined our program.

Furthermore, we are always believed that soccer talent can be developed by first giving the young players chance to play, demonstrating and coaching them on the basic skills of soccer, giving them opportunity to explore soccer through their creativity and finally for them to grow and fly high on their own.

We love to see that this award could offer a lot of opportunities to share information on various social medial platforms as we’re not only able to share the love but also to share all great things that we do to help boosting young players self-esteem, motivation, capability and unlocking they’re through potential through soccer. We are also hoping that the best thing which happen to you and all those positive values and quality we gave could be shared with others out there.

And last, but not least…They’re fun! We would like to return the favour to all for being great supporter. It’s our way to bond with the family members of the young players and celebrate what you’re all about.

This is also how we show you that we love you for being part of something that you’re not only believe in, but also believes in them, the players and US. We wanted to feel that you’re indeed part of us!

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