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Grassroots Soccer Clinic (GSC)

A Classic Soccer Training Program

Grassroots Soccer Clinic (GSC) is a classic training program which widely known as Soccer Clinic. The main objective of this program is to introduce our program to newly grassroots player who are looking forward to learn and enhancing soccer skills while having an enjoyable and friendly training platform align with our Mission.

These 3 hours program come with 2 main parts introducing the basic footballing :

Series 1 (3 hours) – 2 core technical skills
a. First touch
b. Striking the ball

Series 2 (3 hours) – 2 core technical skills
a. Running with the ball
b. 1 vs 1

Important notes:

GSC only covers 30% of our very own infamous program “Grassroots Soccer Mastery” as no theory class will be conducted in this program with a total of 3 hours practical on the field.

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Grassroots Soccer Clinic (GSC)



Grassroots Soccer Clinic (GSC) #1


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